Ethernet EventBox

The Ethernet EventBox is used for the acquisition of digital input signals and the output of digital signals via relay contacts. Furthermore, the EventBox provides a power supply of 24 volts for external sensors.

Input Count12
ConnectorsSocket, SAL-8, 3-Polig
Input impedance> 4,7 kOhm
Output Count12
ConnectorsHollow socket, AD 5,5 mm, ID 2,5 mm
Maximum switching power per output60 V/DC
125 V/AC
1 A
Dimensions (H x B x T)11,5 x 30 x 20 cm
Weightca. 2,8 kg
Data InterfaceEthernet
Operating conditions5 – 40°C (< 75%rF)
Power consumptionMax. 70 W
Power supply230 V/AV