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  • ISO Certificate
SCPA GmbH is certified to ISO's management system standards 9001.
  • ChromStar 7 Tutorials
New Video Tutorials will help you getting startet with ChromStar7:
ChromStar 7 Video Tutorials
  • The best ChromStar ever: ChromStar 7.0.7
The latest Version of ChromStar 7 has been improved to offer an even more user-friendly operation. The update includes a new calibration dialog which allows for a direct calibration of a method from within the method editor. An intelligent error detection helps prevent possible errors such as missing peaks in the calibration. Connection to LIMS systems are facilitated as this latest version offers enhanced options for exporting result files using customised export templates.
  • USB Analog-Digital Converter
We now also offer our high resolution Analog-Digital Converter boards with USB connectors in addition to PCI and Ethernet interfaces. The USB A/D-converters allow for a more flexible operation also in absence of PCI slots e.g. when using Laptops or netbooks. High Quality components and intelligent dynamic detection of the measurement range provide an unsurpasse performance.

  • Progress: ChromStar 7.0.4
A new version of our analytical chromatography software is available. This version comprises a completely new and improved data handling model including a new sequence editor in addition to the re-designe method editor. If you are already using ChromStar7 simply update your software using the automatic update function in the Navigator. If not you might be interested in our new attractive offers!

  • Spark Alias Autosampler - if standard autosamplers dont meet your needs
With our new user-friendly Control software for the Spark Alias Autosampler also complex non-standard autosampler programs can be realised:
  • user-defined autosampler control (user programs)
  • sample preparation
  • complex mix methods
  • customised injection methods (using user programs)
The autosampler control software is available as standalone application and as well as a Plugin for ChromStar 7.

  • ChromStar 7.0

At Analytica 2008 SCPA presented a brandnew version of the Chromatography Data System ChromStar. The program has been developed according to the requirements of todays laboratory work proceedings as well as to those of actual operating systems and PCs. All well established features of Chromstar have been preserved while a large number of new convenient tools has been implemented e.g.:

  • the Configuration tool, a program with which chromatography systems can be preconfigured defining all required parameter settings, data channels and much more. For the data acquisition the configuration can be activated by a simple mouseclick
  • the System Visualisation tool which can be individually assembled representing exactly the installed components
  • a Wizard which guides the user safely through multilevel calibrations, batch reprocessings, summary table calculations and many other operations
  • the Navigator which shows all recent methods, chromatograms or report templates along with all possible operations. Data acquisition, reprocess or editing methods are reduced to simple mouse click operations
  • the Skin Editor which offers presentation of chromatograms using many different styles
  • Chromstar is currently available in German and English