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Prep Con 5
As a preparative data and control system, PrepCon meets all the demands required of a modern preparative chromatography program. Thanks to its high flexibility and modular structure, the program can be adapted to any user’s system. As a further development of the previous versions of the program, PrepCon 5’s most obvious features are ease of use and improved method set-up. All the advantages of networks can be used without limit. National and international regulations, such as 21 CFR Part 11, are fully supported.

The universally suitable Windows program PrepCon 5 can be used to control pumps, motor switch valves, autosamplers, detectors and fraction racks in any combination. Its new data recording module allows parallel tracking of up to eight analogue signals, for example UV, pressure, temperature, pH value, conductivity etc. The system visualisation feature allows you to check the current status of the system at any time.

     PrepCon 5 Screenshot

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