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ChromStar 7 Demo Version
Download and test the latest demo version of ChromStar 7. The trial version includes full functionality as well as a simulation of the data acquisition.

        Download ChromStar 7 Demo

The Demo version of the ChromStar7 Software offers you to test and "Try out" almost all functions and modules of the full version.
You can take look at example methods, create your own methods and sequences or reprocess example chromatograms with the reprocess module or the batch wizard. There are of course some limitations of the demoversion compared to the full version: reprocessed chromatograms can not be saved and creation of report templates is only possible for demo prints. The data acquisition and device control are deactivated in the demo version but a simulation of a simplified data acquisition gives you a first impression of the ChromStar 7 Runtime module.
Via the Navigator you can start and try out all ChromStar7 modules! In order to start the simulated data acquisition simply select the predefined sequence "Simulation.csq" from the folder "My Simulated Run" and drag and drop it onto the data acquisition module. By starting the sequence the simulation commences.
You can find example chromatograms, methods and sequences in the Data folder or in the right hand side menu of the Chromstar Navigator.
You can find a video tutorial on how to get started using the ChromStar7 Demo Version here as well as video tutorials demonstrating the different ChromStar7 modules.
In case of any quesions, don't hesitate to call us (+49 421 802 806) or contact us via email (info@scpa.de) - we will be happy to assist you!