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ChromStar 7.0

Data Acquisition

When carrying out an analysis, all the activated data channels are presented as chromatograms, and the peak windows defined for quantitative analyses appear with a colour-shaded background. All the relevant parameters of the chromatography system are presented in a control window. A user-defined visualisation of the system is also available. Before and after carrying out the analysis, all the data from the last 20 minutes is always shown in a continuous window.

Data Sources

The ChromStar 7 data acquisition module is not restricted to one source of data alone, but data can be read from up to 4 channels simultaneously. The following data sources are supported:

  • A/D-converter boards
  • Netbox ( network based A/D-converter)
  • Diodearray-Detectors (DAD)
  • Digital data transfer via RS-232
Different types of data sources can be combined e.g. data can be recorded from DAD and A/D converters.

Device Control

In order to control the different components of an HPLC system (pumps, fraction collectors, UV detectors etc.) ChromStar offers a flexible solution. The chromatography software can communicate with various components via the MultCom-Interface, also developed by SCPA.


An optimal overview of the status of the peripheral devices is given by the individually configured, user-defined and animated device visualisation. Visualisations can be conveniently adjusted using the Visualisation Editor.

ChromStar 7.0