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Easy-to-use integration parameters enable reliable automatic, manual and combined integration. In other words, automatically integrated chromatograms can also be manipulated manually directly after reintegration. Annotation of chromatograms with peak numbers, retention times, peak names and/or freely chosen text help users keep track of their work.



Numerous extra functions make it easier for you to create the peak tables required for quantitative analysis. Our graphic peak table editor allows precise adjustments of peak windows on the current chromatogram and takes variance in retention times into account by reading in and displaying chromatogram series.
Single point and multiple point calibrations are possible, whereby multiple point curves can be extrapolated to the first, second and third order for calculation. Groups and summaries of single peaks within the chromatogram are available for the analysis of complex substance mixtures. The calculation of column coefficients is implemented.

Peak Fenster


A wide range of mathematical functions allows you to calculate relationships, sums and differences as well as the link between two chromatograms. The removal of spikes - with consideration for their peak width - and peak enhancement are used to make mathematical corrections to peak separations and to trace hidden peaks. Further functions such as smoothing, rescaling and inverting chromatograms, the construction of the first and second derivative, digital filtering functions to reduce noise and automatic or manual base line correction are among the mathematical tools at your disposal.