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ChromStar DAD

ChromStar's DAD module allows you to control diode array detectors and record two-dimensional data sets. Parallel to data collection with the diode array detector, the ChromStar A/D converter can record one or two-channel data from another detector. Chromatograms produced from the diode array detector's data traces are displayed in the same format as ChromStar chromatograms and are fully compatible with them.

During data recording, it is possible to switch between chromatogram view and DAD data set view. The DAD data set can be presented in various ways. In full-color intensity view, chromatograms and spectra can be selected using a cursor. When a data set is viewed in 3D, the viewing angle can be changed as required so that all parts of the data set can be observed. In the split-screen view, the appropriate spectrum is displayed through the cursor position in the chromatogram and vice versa.
The spectra of all peaks in a data set can be selected and saved in a single step. ChromStar uses DirectX technology here for rapid presentation.

Peak purity calculations can be carried out by entering various algorithms. The following detectors can currently be used: all types of Spectraflow 600 DAD from Sunchrom, S3210 and S3240 detectors (in DAD mode) from Sykam and the rapid scan detector Linear 206.

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