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ChromStar 7.0

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ChromStar 7
ChromStar, one of the first chromatography data systems based on MS Windows, was first distributed by the company Bruker-Franzen under Windows Version 2. Since 1994, ChromStar has been maintained by SCPA and kept constantly in the best possible technical condition, in order to continuously represent an efficient and easy-to-use software. Today's program represents a modern concept, developed in Visual C++ and .NET, which can be used with the operating systems Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Thanks to the great flexibility of ChromStar, all gas or liquid chromatography processes are simple to carry out, taking account of the GLP guidelines. The DAD option allows for control of a diode array detector and inclusion of a two-dimensional data array. Extra algorithms for special processes are available (e.g. thin layer chromatography or gel permeation chromatography) and additional multipurpose programs carry out tasks such as validation or subsequent calculations of chromatogram series, as well as many other tasks.

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ChromStar 7
The most recent version of ChromStar (ChromStar 7.0) has a complete new structure and concept offering an even easier and faster user control and in particular an improved and simplified data management. While in previous versions (ChromStar 6.4 and earlier) several files were needed for data acquistition, analyses and methods only two different types of files are used in the new version.

A full analysis is defined in a method file, comprising parameters of all operations from the data acquisition and device control to analysis, report editing and documentation. The measured data are saved in the result file, which also contains all device parameters and events during data recording as well as the method itself. Therefore, all information required to reproduce an analysis are present in the result file.

The modular program structure allows extraordinary flexibility and multitasking functions in gas and liquid chromatography processes, e.g. up to 4 systems can be steered by one central computer. A new additional component, the Navigator was developed in order to allow fast and easy access to the different modules of the program, which now can be activated using the 'drag and drop' function.

ChromStar 7 gives you unlimited access to all the advantages of networks and supports national and international regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11.

More information about ChromStar:

You can download the latest demo version of ChromStar 7 here. In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!