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  About Us

The company SCPA – founded on April 1st, 1994 under the name "Software für Chromatographie und Prozess-Analytik GmbH" – develops software and the accompanying hardware components needed for chromatography. We also develop other software on commission. Our main product is the chromatography software package ChromStar, which combines a Windows program with extreme high-resolution analogue-digital converters. The analogue-digital converters are implemented in the form of PC cards. We also offer a range of control interfaces as accessories to ChromStar, which enable Chromstar to control chromatography components made by different manufacturers. We also offer a supplementary range of extra programs for special analyses using ChromStar. This type of program can also be developed to customer specifications. What is more, we offer a variety of program packages for automated chromatography or preparative chromatography.

  • rapid reactions to customer requests
  • individual software solutions
  • easy-to-understand descriptions of menu points and functions in English
  • manual and on-screen help pages in English or German